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About Kevan - Your SEO Specialist

Welcome to Kevan SEO, your gateway to personalized SEO expertise!


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Meet Kevan

I'm Kevan, your dedicated SEO specialist. As a solo freelancer, I bring a world of expertise to the table. I'm not just another SEO service provider; I'm your partner in propelling your website to the front page of Google.

My Mission

My mission is simple: to deliver results. I understand that in the world of digital marketing, it's all about getting your website noticed. Whether you're a small business or a growing enterprise, I'm here to help you achieve that coveted online visibility.

Why Choose Me

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While nothing is guaranteed with SEO, I'm all about getting you to the top. 


SEO Expertise

I live and breathe SEO, always trying to solve Google's latest algorithm updates

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Custom Orders

Need something tailored? Just reach out.


My Achievements

My track record is filled with successful projects, where I've propelled websites to the front page of Google, expanding their online reach. From travel companies, to gaming services, to home improvement companies, I have worked with every business niche!

Global Reach

Though I am based in Canada, I have worked with individuals across the world! I understand the global model of business, and will work as hard as I can for you!

Let's Connect

I'm eager to learn more about your brand and discuss how my SEO expertise can transform your online presence. Feel free to reach out for a consultation.

Together, let's unlock the full potential of your online presence. Your success is my success.

Ready to get started? Contact me today.

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